Outline of Aizu IT Aki Forum

DATE: 10:00- Friday, October 19, 2018

● Opening Speech  10:00-10:05 (UoA Auditorium)

● Keynote Presentation 1  10:05-11:05 (UoA Auditorium)
“Building Affluent Society with Microsoft Technologies”
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd President, Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.

● Keynote Presentation 2  11:15-11:55 (UoA Auditorium)
“Progress Status of Fukushima Robot Test Field and the Future Society with Robots”
Director, Robot Industry Promotion Unit, Fukushima Prefectural Government

●Specialized Seminars
【Theme A】Security and Human Resources Development (UoA UBIC 3D Theater)
MC: Makoto YASHIRO, Adjunct Professor, UoA Revitalization Center

13:10~ “Current State of Threat in Cyber Space and Measures against It”
  Research and Analysis Director, Japan Cybercrime Control Center Superintendent, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

14:10~ “The Evolution of Marketing Technology and Its Potential”
     Sunao MUNAKATA
President CEO, Innova, inc.

15:10~ “Front Line of AI Chip -Development and Application of AI Chip”
     Eisaku OHBUCHI
Managing Director General Manager Development Division Digital Media Professionals Inc.

【Theme B】ICT Trends(LICTiA 2F Conference Space)
MC: Akira SASAKI, CEO, GClue, Inc.

13:10~ “AI Case Studies and Challenges in Electronic Component Business Field”
     Tsutomu HASHIMOTO
Director of Algorithm Office, Technology and Intellectual Property HQ, TDK Corporation

14:10~ “How to Make and Sell Yurufuwa, Puffy-Fluffy, Deep Learning Products”
     Takuro FUKAMIZU
CTO, AIQ Corporation and Executive Officer・CTO, Nicosys Co. Ltd.

15:10~ “A Fun Way of Augmented Reality”
  Ryuji OZAKI, Representative Partner, Daruma Japan LLC
  Masayoshi KITAGAWA, Managing Partner, Daruma Japan LLC

【Theme C】Regional Collaboration by ICT (LICTiA 1F Innovation Space)
MC: Daisuke MINAGAWA, Sales Branch Manager, Aizu Branch, NTT East

13:10~ “Introduction of the University of Aizu Female Programmer Deployment and the Presentation by the Graduates of the Project”
     Hiroyuki SAITO, Senior Associate Professor, UoA Revitalization Center

14:10~ “- Smart City Aizuwakamatsu - Industrial Agglomeration and the Next Step”
     Akimi YAMAZAKI
Section Manager, Planning and Coordination Division, Aizu-Wakamatsu City

15:10~ “A Wild Animal Detection System Using Machine Learning”
     Hiroshi SAITO
  Senior Associate Professor, UoA Computer Organization Laboratory

【Theme D】Advanced Information Science and Technology (Lecture Hall M7)
MC: Junya TERAZONO, Associate Professor, UoA CAIST

13:10~ “Introduction of Research Center for Advanced Information Science and Technology (CAIST)”
     Wenxi CHEN, Professor UoA CAIST”

13:35~ “Aizu Research Cluster for Space Science (ARC-Space)”
14:10~ “Aizu Research Cluster for Biomedical Engineering (ARC-BME)”
14:35~ “Aizu Research Cluster for Robotics information Engineering (ARC-Robot)”
15:10~ “Aizu Research Cluster for Cloud (ARC-Cloud)”
15:35~ “Aizu Research Cluster for High Performance Computing (ARC-HPC)”
●Informal gathering with lecturers and lightning talks by UoA students
Time: 17:00-19:00
Venue: Aizu Wakamatsu Washington Hotel
    Participation fee: free of charge (Participation without reservation is acceptable.)

Presentation of Research Result:
- “RIM: Information Management and Sharing System in Disaster-hit Area” supervised by Professor Toshiaki MIYAZAKI

- “Fukushima Dialect Translation System” supervised by Senior Associate Professor Konstantin MARKOV

- “Autopilot by AI” supervised by Senior Associate Professor Naohito NAKASATO

- “Interface Development Using Three-Dimensional Symbols” supervised by Senior Associate Professor Rentaro YOSHIOKA

- “Hayabusa2 and CAIST/ARC-Space, UoA” supervised by Professor Hirohide DEMURA

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What is IT Aki Forum?

The Aizu IT Aki Forum was founded in 2007 by the UoA and the Aizu Industry-University Consortium in order to disseminate information on ICT and other initiatives across the prefecture and around the country. The Forum was held by the name of Aizu IT Summer Forum during the year from 2007 to 2009.

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