Outline of Aizu IT Aki Forum

The Forum in AY 2017 finished. We had a very large number of visitors come to our forum, for which we would like to express our gratitude.
The Forum for next year will be announced later.

DATE: 10:00- Friday, October 20, 2017

● Opening Speech  10:00-10:20 (UoA Auditorium)

● Keynote Presentation 1  10:20-11:20 (UoA Auditorium)
“Evolution toward Cyber First~Internet Based Digital-Native Transformation~”
ESAKI, Hiroshi
Professor, Graduate School of Information and Technology, the University of Tokyo

● Keynote Presentation 2  11:30-12:10 (UoA Auditorium)
“Realization of Society5.0/Connected Industries and its Development in Regional Economic Society”
  ASHIDA, Kazuya
Director General of the Economic Policy Department Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI Tohoku)

●Specialized Seminars
【Theme A】Security and IT New Technologies (UoA UBIC 3D Theater)
MC: YASHIRO, Makoto Professor, UoA Revitalization Center

13:10~ “Current Cyber Threat”
  Research and Analysis Director, Japan Cybercrime Control Center Superintendent, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

14:10~ “How Disruptive Digital Technologies Would Change Vehicle Value?”
     KATO, Sei
Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd.

15:10~ “Situation of the Development of Cybersecurity Human Resources along at the Time"
     TSUJI, Hidenori
Executive Expert, Market Development Head Office, Net One Systems Co., Ltd.

【Theme B】AI(LICTiA 2F Conference Space)
MC: SASAKI, Akira CEO, GClue, Inc.

13:10~ “Low-Power Wireless Technology for Last-One-Mile to Accelerate IoT"
     YAMAZAKI, Mitsuo
Country Manager, Nordic Semiconductor

14:10~ “The Movement of Robot Business”
     HADA, Takuo
Manager of Business Development, Asratec Corp.

15:10~ “Basis and Latest Developments of AI for Business Person”
     ENDO, Taichiro
Executive Officer of ExaWizards Inc. Visiting Researchers
RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP)
【Theme C】Regional Collaboration (LICTiA 1F Innovation Space)
MC: OSADA, Takeshi Director of the Aizu Innovation Center, NEC

13:10~ “~Smart City Aizuwakamatsu~” and Activation of the Region”
     YAMAZAKI, Akimi
Section Manager, Planning and Coordination Division, Aizu-Wakamatsu City

14:10~ “Satellite Data Based Wide-Area Monitoring of the Volcanoes in Fukushima Prefecture : Multiple Monitoring for a Volcanic Disaster-Prevention System”
     OGAWA, Yoshiko
Senior Associate Professor, UoA ARC-Space/CAIST

15:10~ “Practical Use of Data at Mercari”
     MORIYAMA, Tairo
  Product Manager, Mercari, Inc.

●Informal gathering with lectures and lightning talks by UoA students
Time: 17:00-19:00
Venue: Aizu Wakamatsu Washington Hotel
    Participation fee: free of charge (Participation without reservation is acceptable.)
Presentation of Research Result:
- “Network Simulator for IoT” supervised by Senior Associate Professor NAKAMURA, Akihito

- “Robot Middleware Based Control of Disaster Respond Robots and Drones” supervised by Professor NARUSE, Keitaro, Associate Professor YAGUCHI, Yuichi, Associate Professor NAKAMURA, Keita, Associate Professor OGAWA, Jun

- “To Understand the Inference Process of A Neural Network” supervised by Professor Qiangfu Zhao

- “Reconstruction of Hand Writing Trajectory with Finger-Tip Sensors” supervised by Associate Professor JING, Lei

- “Human-Robot Interaction Using Brain-Computer Interface” supervised by Professor CHEN, Wenxi and Senior Associate Professor ZHU, Xin

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What is IT Aki Forum?

The Aizu IT Aki Forum was founded in 2007 by the UoA and the Aizu Industry-University Consortium in order to disseminate information on ICT and other initiatives across the prefecture and around the country. The Forum was held by the name of Aizu IT Summer Forum during the year from 2007 to 2009.

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2017年度講師一覧を更新いたしました。 講師プロフィール、演題、講演要旨を掲載しております。 申し込みの際の資料として是非ご活用...

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【テーマA】 セキュリティとIT新技術 (場所:UBIC 3Dシアター) 進 行:復興支援センター教授 屋代 眞13:10~「サイ...

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